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Who is this program for?

This program is ideal for those looking to become a Salesforce ISV Connector Partner who are concerned about the time to market and security review approval of their Connector App.

Why was this program created?

Salesforce has done a very thorough job of documenting what’s possible with their platform and various partner programs. However, there can be too much information to process, causing wasted time and effort related to launching your Connector App. This onboarding program reduces the time it takes to get through Salesforce’s ISV Connector Program by giving you access to Appiphony’s professionals and documentation.

How does this program work?

Appiphony assigns you a program guide who leads you through a structured project plan narrowly focused on launching an ISVForce Connected App. We will guide you through the major steps:

Partner Community Onboarding

Assistance with getting access to the Salesforce Partner Community and inviting your team

Environment Hub Setup Assistance

Guidance with getting Environment Hub setup and generating the necessary Salesforce environments to complete your project

Salesforce Integration Assistance

Planning and support related to mapping your data, choosing the right Salesforce API and writing your integration to Salesforce

Business Review Guidance

Coaching on completing and submitting your business review forms

Technical Review Guidance

Support with completing your technical review form and running the technical review process with Salesforce

Security Review Guidance

Explanation of scanning options and help with security review submission and issue resolution

AppExchange Guidance

Review of AppExchange listing process and support with publishing your app

How much does it cost?

Our ISV Connector Partner Onboarding program for those building a basic integration without the need for a managed package costs $15,000. If your integration requires a managed package, please contact us for custom pricing.

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